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Payment methods

AlatiOprema (alatioprema.rs) offers the following payment options:

Cash on delivery

If you wish to pay Cash on delivery, the payment must be made in full in cash when you receive your order. If the order is shipped by a courier, then the payment must be made to the agent delivering your products.

Bank / Wire transfer

After placing your order, you will receive all the necessary information regarding the money transfer. The order will be shipped only after the payment is confirmed.

Online payment - Paypal

PayPal allows you to pay online in absolute safety. You can use the funds available in your PayPal account to make the payment, or you can pay directly by credit card, even if you don't have a PayPal account.

With PayPal, you will only fill in your credit card information once, because the information is saved and perfectly secured on the PayPal server.

Pay in store

The payment must be made in full in store.





Prodavac za preporuku. Drži se poslovice da je muštetija uvek u pravu. Imali smo neku diskusiju o proizvodu nakon kupovine i čak mi je ponudjeno da mi...

Goran Zebić

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